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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Miranda has pretty much summed up our SCOOPS experience quite well and hence I have copied and pasted the facebook note she wrote about it below- S(a)EX & ICE CREAM (Take that sex and the city!!! suckas!!!)

I actually went back today with my friend Joanna. We both got the maple coffee ice cream with some chocolate jimmies. We also had a taste of the chocolate & Guinness. Immediately upon entering my mouth it tasted like chocolate but seconds later the Guinness flavor became quite strong, just like having a gulp o' Guinness, what an after taste! If I kept eating I would've had an ice cream hangover for sure.

Unfortunately they only had one case full of ice cream instead of two, probably because it was late afternoon on a Sunday and they were looking to clean and close up shop but people were still coming in and out until closing. Also odd was that one of the hula hoops from the art on the wall was missing, at least this time around Miranda won't end up knocking it over so much (this will make more sense once you read Miranda's review). Overall, the experience at Scoops is a good one and it definitely gets a thumbs up! Be a grown up and have some ice cream for dinner!

Miranda sez:
The title of this note pretty much says it all, but just in case someone missed it: today ruled. Got up, did some chore-type things, and then went out for some Scoops of deliciousness with Emily.

The mathematics of Scoops are a bit confusing for the first-timer; "one" scoop is actually two...but at an ice cream place who would complain about that kind of math?

We started by tasting the Brown Bread flavor, which was less overpoweringly sweet than we'd feared - and also less delicious than we'd hoped. So we moved on to other flavors - mint chocolate, banana oreo (vegan), capucino (I'm spelling it the way they did, sigh), and walnut honey. The latter was my least fave, chosen by the quiet and intensely staring counter boy, but the others were decent.

The ambience was a plus - local art on the wall, which I managed to knock down at least 5 times during the course of our ice cream fest (they were hula hoops. On a nail. So no breakage). And there was a bucket with an acorn sticker somewhere near the ceiling. Also, I appreciated the "recommend a flavor" whiteboard - we tried for dark chocolate + pomegranate, and hopefully our suggestion will come to, er, fruition.

We also managed to take in some local color - the green-haired woman and her morose boyfriend came with their son, and met up with some friends and their child - carrying a penguin stuffed animal. You just can't go wrong with penguins. There was also a boy with an enormous Obama poster adhered to his backpack. But politics aside, the ice cream was good - not too sweet, not too heavy, but not too icy, either; on rereading that sentence, I feel like Goldilocks! Haha.

It's not a Herrell's contender, but it'll definitely pass as good ice cream - 4 scoops for $3.75; and at only a mile away - which I walked - I'll take it. Yes, please!

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Ilana Panich-Linsman said...

I had a Coffee and Hazelnut/coconut cone from Scoops tonight-- both delicious and not too sweet. The coffee was really the star of the show.
My friends also tried the Maple Brownie and Strawberry Jasmine and we had high fives all around.
No Herrell's, but pretty damn close. My mom actually said she liked it better than Herrell's because it wasn't as creamy. Go figure.