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Monday, October 6, 2008

postess with the mostest??

It's been a long long time since we betches have posted, so here's a quick recent recap:

More deliciousness at Carmela at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sundays (Aztec Chocolate gets 2 thumbs up!)

Some sundaes of our own, complete with hot fudge (though not as good as Herrell's, sigh)

Annnd, what I really would like to discuss, a milkshake from Johnnie's Pastrami, apparently a celeb hot-spot in Culver City. I've never BEEN (take-out deliciousness), but I did have a milkshake and it was fab. Very creamy, smooth, the kind you want at a diner/greasy spoon, which I assume Johnnie's is.

Also, I would like to note the celeb sighting of Minnie Driver at the Farmer's Market a few weeks ago - if you all would get your butts over there to try some Carmela ice cream, you might get to see a famous person TOO!!!!

Johnnie's Pastrami:
4017 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-6654


Esi said...

You're hilarious! I actually know Minnie (friend of a friend - you know how Hollywood is). Didn't get to try Carmela's the last time at the farmers market, but I hope to next time!

Ice Cream Betches said...

Hollywood is certainly very interconnected! Definitely give Carmela's a try next time - the guy at the stand (whose name I'm forgetting) is super-friendly, and there are samples galore! A bit pricy, but worth it.