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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fred 62 (it counts!)

Last night before a screening of The Lady Eve at the Silent Movie Theatre, Savannah and I had a cathartic waffle at Fred 62 - well, more accurately, I had the waffle, she had the catharsis. I mean tuna melt.

The food was awesome as usual - I mixed it up a bit and had a waffle SUNDAE, hence the post on Ice Cream Betches. The sundae was a vanilla ice cream/dulce de leche conglomeration of deliciousness. I'd say, so far, the ice cream was the best I've had in LA. I'm not a huge fan of vanilla on its own (with hot fudge? yes. in a milk shake? a five dollar shake? so I can pretend I'm Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction? Absolutely. On its own, not so much). But this vanilla was pretty good. The consistency was perfect for a sundae - melty enough to complement the waffle - you didn't feel as though the textures were competing. And the taste was premium quality - none of that ice-chip nonsense or too bland to have a flavor.

Savannah pointed out the little black vanilla bean dots in the ice cream, mentioning that that is a good sign of quality. I speculated that some companies probably put those in now at this point, just to imply quality where there is none; but, not the case with Fred 62. I forgot to ask if they make their own ice cream - the only flavor available on the menu was vanilla - but it's worth it. Plus, the rest of the food is awesome, so go check it out!

Fred 62
1850 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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