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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great American Ice Cream Betch

This past Saturday June 28th, the peeps from No Cookie Left Behind (, Spork Foods, and other fellow Angelenos held their own GREAT AMERICAN BAKE SALE outside of SCOOPS ice cream shop on Heliotrope in LA to support SHARE OUR STRENGTH, an organization working to end childhood hunger in America (See STRENGTH.ORG for more info).
I was excited all week about this event after seeing a post about it on and geared myself up for goodies and helping the kiddies! I went ahead and added NoCookieLeftBehind to my Myspace and made sure to eat a light breakfast that morning.
Two tables and a big umbrella were set up in the corner right outside of the shop and they were completely covered with deliciousness! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, banana bread, zucchini bread, lemon cake, tarts, etc. There were vegan goodies too!

For $8 I got a hefty slice of zucchini bread, lemon cake, a chocolate chip cookie with a gooey marshmallow center and a small square piece of baklava.

Since we were at Scoops anyways Joanna and I of course got some ice cream. There were a lot of alcohol related flavors, chocolate guinness, watermelon triple sec, etc. I opted for the pear champagne and a scoop of the vegan soy based maple oreo while Joanna went for a butterscotch flavor (mixed with almond I believe). All of the flavors were quite tasty. The pear champagne was more of a sorbet, so it was a little melty and icier but still had a strong clean pear flavor. The maple oreo is a maple ice cream, not too rich, with oreo chunks and bits in it. The awesome thing about Scoops is that not only is the ice cream delicious and different all the time, there's friendly service (one of the guys at the counter remembered us and asked us how it was going, a really chipper dude) and plenty of people watching! Especially on a busy bake sale Saturday. Joanna noted too that there's always attractive, hip, interesting looking folks hanging out at Scoops and I agree. Where they hang out when they're not at Scoops I have no idea but I'm glad that they find a common stomping ground at Scoops.

Post bake sale randomness:
I also told my sanfran friend and partner in mischief,Jenny about it we were just about ready to quit our day jobs and purchase many a colorful Kitchen Aid Mixer and join in with the baking! Which is still entirely possible so if next time you hear from us and we're in Austin or Boise or San Fran and we're dishing up red velvet cupcakes, you can bet your britches some of our proceeds will be going to this organization, amongst many others (perhaps another charity birthday indie designer birthday bash to support vday?). Onward ho righteous cupcake lovers!

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