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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fudge 2! And Angelato!!!

I must say, hands-down, Angelato in Santa Monica has the most flavors of any other place we've been thus far. Thumbs WAY UP for flavor variety. Gelato galore! Tons of fun to get to pick. So we split the Hedgehog and the Cappuccino ... cookie? I think? Anyway, both very creamy and the consistency, taste, and texture all get a thumbs up. The problem for me was the value; it was around $5 for half of what scoops'd give you for $3. And with the taste and unique combos at Scoops, and its proximity to my apartment, it still wins. But Angelato was great - perfect for those Santa Monica heat waves, and the variety of both normal and fruity flavors beats out any of the other places thus far. We'll have to discover if it has seasonal changes, to further compare it with Herrell's. Thus far, it's the closest contender - though Herrell's flavors and value still wins.

Speaking of Herrell's, we did our Herrell's fudge part 2 ice cream meet-up yesterday. Fudge + cookie dough. I think the Starbucks actually was a better match ice-cream wise, but the Ben & Jerry's sufficed for our needs. I'm hoping next time to go with a mint chocolate chip/cookie of some variety. Delish!

Angelato iz:

301 Arizona Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 656-9999

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