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Sunday, July 13, 2008


My weekly jaunt to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market proved to be especially fruitful today. Not only did I get my weekly fill of chicken satay sticks, persian cukes, nectarines and blueberries, I discovered Carmela Ice Cream, a booth stowed away past the thai place and the Flan King in the alley. Joanna and I met up by the thai place to get chicken and enjoy it on the sidewalk. AND THEN WE SAW THE ICE CREAM BOOTH.

Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean
Mint Cacao Nib
Mexican Chocolate
Aztec Chocolate
Lemon Basil Sorbet
Spiced Strawberry Sorbet
Watermelon Sorbet
Rose Petal (pint only)

I could feel the excitement and anticipation build up inside of my tummy. I needed to eat that chicken fast! A pigeon threatened to poo on us at that point so we got up, I scrambled over the trash can to scarf down my last chicken stick and then the joyous ice cream tasting began.

We couldn’t help but question the difference between Mexican and Aztec Chocolate ice cream first and foremost. The ice cream guy (Zach, the cofounder I believe) said he gets asked that question often and they both have a basic mexican hot chocolate flavor but the aztec is “A spicier version of Mexican Chocolate. 70% bittersweet cacao with Ceylon cinnamon, whole Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, chipotle pepper and ancho pepper.” (see website for more flavor details)

Then we got our sample on! First, I had a sample of the brown sugar vanilla bean which was the ultimate creamy goodness! Without being overtly sweet. I couldn’t help but say WOW out loud, multiple times, and Zach was glad to hear that reaction. I also sampled the lemon basil sorbet which had a nice clean taste. Joanna and I both purchased the Mint Cacao Nib cups (small cups were $3 and pints were $9 we think) which were also amazing, straight up mint ice cream, with little crunchy chocolate bits. Unfortunately there was a little meltage which spilled a bit on my shoes, wasted ice cream I say!
Check out for more info and for locations (restaurants/farmers markets) to get your scoop of deliciousness today!

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