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Friday, July 18, 2008

Eco Ice Cream Tip #1

From the Do Just One Thing Calendar by Eco-Expert Danny Seo

"If you're heading out for a cool, summertime ice cream treat tonight, THINK CONE, NOT DISH. An ice cream cone is a greener, tastier alternative to a plastic dish (although I know we've all had some waxy nasty ice cream cones in the past, my personal preference is to rock the sugar cone in order to prevent this dilemma-sez eMiLy) and spoon since you can consume the whole treat with very little waste. Eat carbs to save the planet." (yeah! that's what I'm talking about!)


el dubb said...

lol..... I heard there making an edible cup of ice cream be on the look out beetches. lol jk :P

Ice Cream Betches said...

That sounds delish!!! Waffle cones, waffle dishes, or even just plain waffles with ice cream are great, too! I'm ready for some Scoops!